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When it was announced that London had won the competition to host the 2012 summer Olympic Games there was a great deal of apprehension as to how the infrastructure would handle the influx of the many thousands of visitors.

The area in which most problems were anticipated was that of the transportation system which can seem under strain at the best of times.

However the outcome of the hugely successful Games was that there were no significant problems and indeed most people found that the measures put in place by the planning committee and the various London authorities not only managed to handle the extra strain but in many cases added to the overall atmosphere and success of the whole operation.

A major problem was expected to include the extra load put on the railway system by travellers arriving at London's airports and then transferring into the city centre. One of the main concerns was that cheap rail tickets can present a confusing scenario to even the most seasoned UK commuter and that visitors may have struggled to understand it.

Of course the concerns were not only about whether or not international visitors would find their way around the system and that the whole thing wouldn't collapse under the strain. There was also the question as to how the many thousands of UK residents who were lucky enough to be able to purchase tickets for events through the lottery system would actual get to and from the different arenas.

For those travelling down to London from the north, whether that might mean from major cities such as Leeds and Newcastle or indeed from Scottish cities Glasgow and Edinburgh, the East coast line was likely to bear the brunt of the extra passenger numbers.

Although internal short haul flights are now extremely popular for many travellers, as opposed to previously when they were almost exclusively used by business customers, the delays and waiting times that can be experienced at airports mean that a journey by train is a preferable option for many.

Train ticket prices are also highly competitive, especially when you take into account the fact that a journey by rail delivers you right into the centre of London and needs no added costs for transfers to and from airports.

The ability to buy train tickets online in advance at substantial discounts is also another factor that influences the choice for many people.

In the end the Games passed off both peacefully and extremely successfully, with no major negative effects on the running of London's day to day life. In fact the extra underground services and the highly visible teams of hundreds of volunteer helpers made an extremely friendly atmosphere for visitors and locals alike.

It was almost impossible to take a wrong turn or to get lost in journeys to the major stadiums and other event locations to such an extent that there were many calls for some of the procedures that had been put in place to become permanent fixtures.

2012 Olympics Dates

July 27th - August 12th

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