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5 Events You Must See at the 2012 London Olympics

Next year, London England will be the proud host to the 2012 Summer Olympics. The City of London will attracts millions of visitors to its historic city with anticipation of being able to witness one of many potentially record breaking athletic events in Olympic history. While there are a large number of events, there are some that might prove more prominent than others. The following is a review of 5 of the most important events to see at the Summer Olympics in London.

Although not a sporting event, the opening ceremonies are bound to be one of the most festive and memorable events that should not be missed. If recent Olympic opening ceremonies such as in Beijing China and in Vancouver Canada are any indication of what can be expected, the London version should be a spectacular and colourful occasion. Some of the most prominent features of the opening ceremonies are the Parade of Nations that bring all of athletes into the Olympic Stadium and of course, the famous lighting of the Olympic Flame.

There are many sporting events that spectators will consider the most prominent but the events that rise to the top are the Men's 100 Meter Sprint, the Men and Women's Marathon, the Men's 100 Meter Swim, and Women's Gymnastics. It is difficult not to mention any other Track and Field events or any other Swimming events but it's clear that looking at the events just mentioned, it would be even more difficult to leave any of them off a short list of top events.

Considered to be the premier running event, the Men's 100 Meters will crown another athlete with the honour of being known as the World's Fastest Man. Next year's events will most likely feature the man considered to be the current World's Fastest Man, Usain Bolt of Jamaica. The Olympic Marathon events are arguably the most gruelling of all Olympic events and in its long Olympic history has featured some high drama and memorable races, as the world's greatest distance runners vie against each other in their bid for the Gold Medal. The Men's 100 Meter Swim is one of the premier Olympic Swimming events and there have been several impressive finishes in the long history of the Olympics. Among the most recognizable figures who won the Men's 100 Meters is the American Mark Spitz, who won a then record 7 gold medals. Lastly we have the Women's Gymnastics, which displays not only grace and beauty but also grit and determination. There have been several prominent Women's Gymnastics athletes in Olympic History such as Nadia Comaneci of Romania, and Larisa Latynina and Olga Korbut, both from the Soviet Union. Between these three women, they won a combined 18 gold medals in the Olympics.

When planning your trip for the games, ensure that you book your flights to London and accommodation well in advance, as it is likely that prices are only going to increase closer to the event as cities surrounding the Olympic stadium become increasingly booked out. Plan ahead and you'll be thankful you did!

2012 Olympics Dates

July 27th - August 12th

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