London 2012 Olympics

10 most exciting events at the 2012 Olympics in London

The upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London will showcase the world's finest athletes. London's pristine setting will provide the perfect backdrop for this prestigious sporting event. People who wish to see the games in person may still be able to find fabulous deals on London holiday packages. Here are 10 of the most highly anticipated sporting events taking place during the Olympics:

Artistic Gymnastics

Spectators can marvel at the athletic feats of these esteemed competitors. The gymnasts will demonstrate great strength, superhuman flexibility and superb balancing skills as they compete with the immense pressure of the world watching them. Gymnastics events are scheduled to be held inside the North Greenwich Arena.

Track and Field

Speed and agility will be on display as the star athletes from track and field come out to compete. Spectators will likely witness the shattering of world records as these athletes take their sport to the highest levels. The events for track and field are scheduled to take place inside the Olympic Stadium, also the site of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


The swimming events will showcase the greatest aquatic athletes in the world. The participants must be able to quickly navigate through the water as they demonstrate proper swimming form and correct breathing techniques in order to reach the pinnacle of success. Swimming events will be held inside the Aquatics Centre.


Horses take centre stage as their riders guide them through tough obstacle courses. The horses must be able to jump and clear various hurdles in a timely manner. Other events within the discipline require the horse and rider to show basic skills in communication and harmony. Equestrian events will take place inside Greenwich Park.

Beach Volleyball

Avid sunbathers can rejoice as they sit outdoors to watch this popular game. Athletes must be able to work together in small teams in order to continuously hit the ball back and forth against the other team over the net. They must also know how to skillfully maneuver on the sand-filled court. Horse Guards Parade will act as the hosting venue of this event.


London is definitely accustomed to hosting prestigious tennis tournaments. A player is required to hit a tennis ball with their racquet and serve it to their opponent on the opposite side of the net. The continuous play provides great excitement for the audience. Wimbledon, site of the prestigious annual tournament, will also be hosting the Olympic tennis events.


Large teams of players will take to the court as they dribble the ball with the intent of eventually shooting it into one of the tall hanging baskets. Teamwork, agility and stamina are required to succeed at this game. Some of the most famous players in the world are known to participate in Olympic competitions. Basketball events will be held inside the North Greenwich Arena and Basketball Arena.


Athletes will push the limits as they hoist heavy weights over their heads. They must then hold the weight in place for a certain amount of time in order for the lift to count. Superhuman strength levels are required to compete at the Olympic level. The ExCeL venue will host these events.


Spectators will feel the excitement of the race as rowers speed their boats through the waterway as they use skillful stroking techniques with their paddles. Some rowing events require team efforts, whereas other events are individual. Eton Dorney will host the rowing events.

Road Cycling

These athletes will have to speed along the course as they attempt to gain a lead and cross the finish line in first place. Stamina will be crucial in order to finish the arduous race. There are time trial events as well as the actual road race. Time trials will be held at the Hampton Court Palace. The road race itself will have its starting and finishing points at The Mall.

The London Olympics will truly be a memorable event. Tourists should book their London holiday packages now in order to enjoy the action in person.

2012 Olympics Dates

July 27th - August 12th

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