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The Mosquito Bay mystery of Vieques, Puerto Rico

Another Caribbean island belonging to Puerto Rico is the magnificent island municipality of Vieques which has two main towns, the Isabel Segunda where most of the island’s population reside and the smaller Esperanza which caters mainly to the tourists. As such, most of your itinerary will be Esperanza-centric and being a tourist strip, it somehow preserves its laid back rural feel making it easier to have calmer nights away from the typical buzz of urban culture. You can even reset your body clock since the island’s roosters serve as natural timers even if you don’t want to hear them crow, they just don’t care forcing you to sleep earlier and rise earlier too.

The most activities for tourists are comprised of either beach excursions or island adventures, either way you’ll end up pretty much on the beach. The calm turquoise waters are simply splendid and perfect for soothing one’s calloused spirit from work and the daily frictions of life in general. If you have romantic plans, the island is simply perfect. Mind you, you can even get a table set up with relative ease, alone by yourselves in a secluded area whilst being serenaded by a friendly crew. Where else would you be? In this case, you simply turn the odds on your favor so don’t pass it up.

Once you get to the scenic Esperanza, be sure to rent a good 4WD to tackle the island’s dirt roads leading to secluded beaches. Those that are commercialized already tend to be crowded so it is but a sound choice to search for the secluded ones albeit they are harder to access. Nonetheless, if you’re up for an island excursion, then you’ll simply have lots of fun.

Most tourists rave about the Bioluminescent Bay or the Mosquito Bay which gets its name from the splendid micro-organisms that color the bay waters with blue-greenish glow whenever the water is disturbed. You can simply try it by taking a boat ride right there on the spot and slowly witness the waters change colors as the boat pass by; this is akin to the northern lights which is simply fascinating to look at. Personally, I’d prefer kayaking to get more personal with the colorful bay; jut wade your hands on the water and feel like you’re floating in a magical scene. Plus, this is kind of the perfect romantic night you’re looking for since you need to catch the crescent moon when the micro-organisms are most visible.

Another good stop is the marvelous stonehenge built by the Taino Indians located on a secret location in the island; well, not that secret but finding it is quite a hassle since it’s far up in the jungle. Do take selfies if you find it but don’t go searching for it alone since there are guides who can take you there quickly and safely.

When it comes to the splendid beaches, the most popular ones are found in the Sun Bay Balneario area on the south coast not far from Esperanza. You can also do other stuff here such as 4WD adventures and hiking too. The beaches in the Balneario area such as the Sun Bay and the Media Luna are also perfect for children because of their serene waters and shallow shores. For the fun one, just visit the Navio beach where you can also surf.

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