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Black Cabs

london black cabs

Like double deckers buses, London's black cabs are an iconic way to get around the city. Unlike the bus, black cabs are super expensive. They operate on a timer so if you find yourself stuck in traffic, you could be in for an expensive trip. You can't agree on a fare before travelling like you can with the cheaper mincabs. Unlike minicabs, you can flag black cabs down anywhere on the street.

Taking a black cab in London is something many people want to do so, if you are one of them, try to make the journey short and keep it to a time when traffic isn't likely to be heavy.

2012 Olympics Dates

July 27th - August 12th

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Tickets will not go on sale until 2011 but the prices are finally out! Check out the London 2012 tickets page for more details.

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