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Riding a bike through London's clogged streets while avoiding being blindsided by a double decker can seem intimidating but, for the confident cyclist, getting around London by bike is a great choice. In fact, a newish campaign is encouraging Londoners to hit the streets on two wheels and an effort is being made to make the city cycle friendly. For everything you need to know about cycling in London, check out Transport for London's cycling page.

Cycling Friendly Routes

You can order free cycling guides (UK addresses only) which will mark out all of the recommended cycling routes in each area. If you want to look this information up online, you can head to the cycle journey planner and enter your starting and ending points. This will spit back a map with recommended roads highlighted and how long the journey is expected to take. Just hit the 'view' button and then click on either your starting or ending point map where you can scroll over the entire route.

Taking Your Bike on Public Transport

Bikes are allowed on certain overland and Underground trains at times that avoid the peak hours. If you want to cycle but you're too far from your destination, you might be able to train it park way and then cycle the rest. For a guide to taking bikes on trains check out .....

2012 Olympics Dates

July 27th - August 12th

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Latest Ticket News

Tickets will not go on sale until 2011 but the prices are finally out! Check out the London 2012 tickets page for more details.

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