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Minicabs in London

london minicab

Minicabs are, in a nutshell, cars that belong to a minicab company that operate out of various minicab stands all over the city. They generally have standard fares and there isn't a lot of room for negotiation. They are a lot cheaper than black cabs so try to track down a minicab to save yourself some money.

You can either call the cab to pick you up at your location or pick them up at their respective stands but you can't flag them down in the street. The best way to get ahold of a minicab in London is to save a couple numbers in your phone and give them a call. Some companies only operate in specific areas so it is better to save the numbers of companies that operate all over the city. You can even track down a cab simply by texting.

Minicabs aren't dangerous but unlicensed ones can be. Licensed minicabs aren't allowed to randomly pick passengers up on the streets so if you are approached by a roaming car looking for a fare, don't get in. Each year there are reports of assaults, especially women, who get into unlicensed minicabs. I spent five years living in London without even being approached by one, but they must be out there somewhere. I'm sure most are ok but it's not really worth the risk.

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July 27th - August 12th

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