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london overland trains

The London Underground is great for navigating central London and north of the river but if you need to go further outside the city of plan on staying in or visiting South london then you will probably find yourself using London's extensive overland train network.

The problem with trains is that they're not as frequent as the Underground so to avoid missing the train and having to wait for 20 minutes for the next one, you will need to do a bit more planning. If you know the departure and arrival stations for where you want to go then The Train Line will give you the departure and arrival times along with the price. If you're new to London and need to see where the trains go, head to the Transport for London website for a detailed overland train map.

Overland trains are included in the price of your daily, weekly or monthly rail pass as long as you are travelling inside the zones you have purchased. If you need to travel outside of Zone 6, you will need to buy separate tickets or passes.

2012 Olympics Dates

July 27th - August 12th

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Tickets will not go on sale until 2011 but the prices are finally out! Check out the London 2012 tickets page for more details.

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